Be nothing but thine own, and happy

19 April 2019

Be nothing but thine own, and happy, but, by degree,
Therein lies deepest draws down dells and sleeps,
Seeps crown ánd smell – first and fearsome way, the sóunding sílenced, keeps
Safe in itself what in itself must keeps hope be;
And being, goes – góes down, rusts, but its own decree
Demands that time here is not here spent – nor wanted, nor wasted leaps
Far but lies bent and pent-úp; the earth, cold, and barren trust créeps
Ón, wearing, stággered-bearing the haggard toll of being free.

Yet, still, slow, as first fruits crúshed, gúshed,
And trampled – hushed, yet it goes: proclaims the same
In what goes forward its outer nature is: Lóve, near, and flushed
Flame sóng finds full its swing on long and wing – aim;
And sigh, spéak, and shoulder: find open arms of one from rúshed
Feet free and húrried pace bring soft now slow in the sound of its own name.

2 responses to “Be nothing but thine own, and happy”

  1. lhendren avatar

    The haggard toll of being free. Beautiful. Thank you.

    1. Nathan avatar

      Thank you! ❤️

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