Month: May 2019

  • Visitation, A Feast Day –

    [31 May 2019] The touch of his embrace – Golden blossoms on an autumn moon.

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  • There will be a time

    [30 May 2019] There will be a time when, Finally, then, at the end We will find ourselves – caught between a knowing And a not-knowing, the hour Of twilight, if you like, where I will ask you to suspend The notion of sleepless nights and cardboard cut-outs (Signalling something greater but losing half the…

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  • La luz de su mirada

    [29 May 2019] Corrí fijo en la oscuridad En medio de una tempestdad ominosa – Nada más que soledad En esta noche tormentosa Donde quedaba mi ansia cariñosa. El trueno: martillo y yunque, Pero no me pareció que el viaje Fuera largo aunque Ésta, la tormenta salvaje, Toda la noche perturbó el paraje. Esa luz!…

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  • “None, nó, none; nor will there be more”

    [28 May 2019] None, nó, none; nor will there be more. Here, There, where once the wilding winds wind théir path Stop still, still stop, find sweet rest beyond the math Of restless dividends and feet and unsanctioned supplication. Fear, Then frost, thén flame, then light dapple-drawn between the near And the far-gone fields, the…

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  • Untitled

    [27 May 2019] I watched the back of your neck —Smooth, strong, supple,Standing out in the seat of the train andDisappearing into the depths of your grey t-shirt.

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  • Untitled haiku

    [24 May 2019] I set my gaze towards The mountain peak but found my Feet still at the door.

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  • A Holy Mystery

    [23 May 2019] Ah! This room! – this lullaby, this humanly bower, This tea-kettle wind-chiming room, Earth-dappled jasmine-freckled flower-speckled womb – This holy sepulchre, this sacred tower. This room! – Your beauty is full and earthy and white And fire: your windows and walls precious-guard The wakening and the graciousing and the clementing and the…

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  • Epiphany II

    [22 May 2019] Early winter morning train; A pause, a turn and walk Into the smoke; Dew on the lip of the cliff.

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  • Midsummer Song

    [21 May 2019] With this in mind, Let us go forth, Down familiar city streets, painted green Against November skies, leading you to wonder If time has really passed at all, if all unseen, Unrevisited moments flow back to the same source? The day flows on unremarkably, passing over rivers And through the soot spray…

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  • A Lover’s Quarrel

    [20 May 2019] We sat outside one summer’s night, You said to me, “Should a time come When I am no longer me or If I no longer aim to be The man I aim to be but, from Some nefarious impulse for Self-destruction, find myself quite Stuck or pining or lost in some Man’s…

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