Abstraction II

[12 July 2019]

Nothing can ever be just itself. We stretch, we long, we crave to reach that point just beyond ourselves, that point just out of reach, the point of almost discovery, where the ivy clings to the moonlight and your brown stone walls and the plum blossoms in your hands.

16 responses to “Abstraction II”

  1. tara caribou avatar

    Oh man. This is gorgeous. And right on point.

    1. Nathan AM Smith avatar

      Thank you, Tara!! That makes my heart warm 🙂

      1. tara caribou avatar

        You are an amazing writer.

        1. Nathan AM Smith avatar

          You, too! Very much so!

          1. tara caribou avatar

            Ohhh you! ☺️

  2. Shantanu Baruah avatar

    this is so beautiful

    1. Nathan AM Smith avatar

      Thank you so much!!

  3. At the frontiers avatar

    Beautifully articulated! Life becomes meaningful, and rightly so, when we accept that there will always exist a point of “almost discovery”. You’ve captured in a few words what could potentially be a philosophical rant. The ivy, moonlight, and plum blossoms…lovely!!

    1. Nathan AM Smith avatar

      Thank you thank you! I’m so glad you liked it! That was my hope with the piece and I’m glad you read it that way. I love the tantalising “almost” 🙂

  4. orkidedatter avatar

    I am so so sorry, I missed this post…
    I don’t see why it didn’t show up in my feed ..it happens to several also, it is not good ..
    But, Nathan- what can I say…
    I am completely captivated of your words❤️

    1. Nathan AM Smith avatar

      That is ok! I completely understand!! It’s weird how that happens. And thank you!! I’m so glad you liked it 🙂

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