Narcissus, ii

[26 August 2019]

but the cracks in the mirror only belie something
deeper, more transient. I smell the smell of
you, of me, of us lingering in church pews and train cars and hardwood
floors, taking root, mingling with dust and dim sum and desire, feeding
off of sunlight and moonlight and whisky. Something strange grows here
iridescent, incandescent. A pursuit, a chase, a struggle to
find one’s own self in the lashing out against the bedframes and the railing
against the impenetrable
urge to find meaning, scrying a constellation as I connect the dots
between the hairs on your chest. And so a life is spent,
pushing into a deepness still unknown, stacking together principles
and ideals and clippings from men’s health fitness catalogues between
breakfast and noon. Your hand carves a crack between this world and
the next, keeping count of all the things I couldn’t see: a protein shake, a coffee cup,
a razor blade, a dirty sock, a calculator. Late summer sunlight catches the windowpane and
your glasses’ frame and writes your name in bold on the wall, bright and brilliant
and not mine.

17 responses to “Narcissus, ii”

  1. NZain avatar

    “…dim sum and desire..”💓

  2. tara caribou avatar

    my god Nathan. I know that every time I read your words, my soul will be touched and deeply. One day, hopefully soon, I want to hold a copy of your poetry in my hands. I would cherish it forevermore.

    1. Nathan AM Smith avatar

      Oh wow, Tara! That is such high praise coming from you!! I would love to do that and you keep inspiring me, so maybe I will!!

      1. tara caribou avatar

        If you ever want help with it… I’d love to help.

        1. Nathan AM Smith avatar
  3. kristianw84 avatar

    You should really publish a book my friend!! Seriously, you’re one of my favorite poets. Your poetry is phenomenal!! ❤❤

    1. Nathan AM Smith avatar

      Ugh you are so kind to me! Thank you so much! It makes it so worth it to see your consistent generous praise!

      1. kristianw84 avatar

        Awww!!! You always make my day with your sweet comments!! ❤❤❤

  4. orkidedatter avatar

    Wow, Nathan… you can’t «hide» your words on your blog my friend… your words have to be read all over the world… oh gosh… you are amazing… I can’t explain with my Norwegian brain how good you are…
    it’s almost so I have to share your words in my world …
    You touch my heart & soul❤️

    1. Nathan AM Smith avatar

      Lillian, you know how to bring tears to my eyes! Thank you for being you and for being so kind to me! I’m so glad you like it. I can’t wait to publish our collaboration! <3

      1. orkidedatter avatar

        awwwe, I do…. you are so sweet and kind, and likewise my friend.
        I sent you a email about our collab, and a and a suggestion by name and put on some more Norwegian words at the end of the poem …

  5. ksmiley1970 avatar
    1. Nathan AM Smith avatar

      Thank you so much 🙂

  6. deuxiemepeau avatar

    This is simply stunning, so visual, visceral. So impressive. So glad I read it (and secretly a little jealous I didn’t write it!). Bravo Nathan.

    1. Nathan AM Smith avatar

      Thank you very much! I am so grateful you liked it. That means a lot to me. Thank you for stopping by!

      1. deuxiemepeau avatar

        My total pleasure Nathan

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