The Outwarding of the Inwardnesses

[26 September 2019]

ground to a halt, rods
newly rusted, twisting, bending,
maybe breaking, maybe
shearing, maybe sharing too
much for what little
we know, maybe pushing too much,
too hard, too soon, falling
victim to the endless
entropy and disintegration
of desire or loneliness or
not wanting to be alone at
some point in the future. This
is the test of mettle, the sublimation
of will and might and fright
and longing, the outwarding of
the inwardnesses distorted
by too many nights spent alone,
mind and heart left to roam
unchecked, collapsing the boundaries
between me and you and me
and the deep space between
the stars. This is the point of
fragmentation, of isolation:
the amalgamation of syntax and sympathy,
the castration of sight and sound,
the transformation of sense and solace
into him and flesh and the givenness
of longing.

10 responses to “The Outwarding of the Inwardnesses”

  1. tara caribou avatar

    Every piece you write twists into my soul and buries it’s roots deep. One day I hope to hold a book with the name Nathan AM Smith on the cover.

    1. Nathan AM Smith avatar

      Thank you. All that goes both ways!

  2. kristianw84 avatar

    Your poetry is always so beautiful & moving. I fall in love with every line you write. ❤

  3. orkidedatter avatar

    Nathan… I don’t know to say…. I only want to cry… see you👋🏻🌹
    Your words touched everything inside my heart…

    1. Nathan AM Smith avatar

      Your kindness is so moving! Thank you. You’re bringing tears to my eyes 🙂

      1. orkidedatter avatar

        You are a lovely soul❤️

  4. NZain avatar

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