Month: October 2019

  • Untitled thought

    31 October 2019 Desire fractures crystalline against my windowpane and gathers on my driveway

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  • Song for Snow

    30 October 2019 And so time goes on, Listless, restless – Searchlight beams from cargo ships Or commuter trains amid the falling snow Fade deep into the night

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  • Sand or Sandstone

    29 October 2019 Memories are built up and worn down, Stacked together and blown apart, Sifted into layers or into dust Like so many waves of sand or sandstone. Mystery is found and lost. I lost myself here once, Searching the dark places between the stars. Meaning is made under the illusion that Time is…

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  • Fear #4

    28 October 2019 Distant, on the horizon, Always elusive, Never mine. When I find you, Will I want you? When I catch you, Will I be me?

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  • прах (a eulogy or an elegy)

    [24 October 2019] The earth is within us. We come from Dust; We return to dust. And ash. The clam shells and the pearls, The reefs and the waves, The florid lines of the grass on the edge of Chesapeake Bay Mingled together and held aloft and set aflame, A lone light quayside hill after…

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  • Piosenka Ewy

    [23 October 2019] Perhaps I will find it there, at the borders, At the crossing, at the place where we give up And give back? Here is where the rivers split, And here is where they meet. We freeze. We melt. We fill up and pour out. Now is the age of time’s ark –…

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  • Autumn [a character sketch]

    [22 October 2019] Autumn, And the fire has dwindled down to gently smouldering embers. He lies back on the dark suede couch in a nest of cardboard boxes and bubble wrap, everything he owns in front of him, spilling out of boxes and forming little piles here and there across the living room. A car…

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  • St. Hilarion, Cyprus, 371

    [21 October 2019] And so we baptise our longings, Transform our desires, Give up from them that which we can no longer ourselves give: Selves, whole selves, holy selves, Selves worth saving; We breathe – Each word, each moment, stands as a testament to itself: An icon of abstractions, a temple of fragments, A shoreline…

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  • 夢 / A Dream I Had

    [18 October 2019] 僕らの人生を高みに押し上げ、 I once had a dream. I had a dream that I was walking on a white line between two mountaintops. As long as I closed my eyes, I knew it would keep being true. 谷底に突き落とし、 You saw me, dancing between here and there, weightless, suspended. You watched from below, me, a…

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  • The Silent Pilgrim

    [17 October 2019] Stay with me a while longer. I hear you breathe, slow, steady. Trapped in a lazy bower of arms and wills intertwined and enmeshed and indistinguishable from one another. The headlights from a car passing through the night shine through the window, white curtain diffusing light glow, casting long shadows over your…

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