King & Rook, the Twin Enforcers

📍 Place of birth: New Eden
🎂 Age: 32
📏 Height: 185 cm / 6’1” [King] | 183 cm / 6’0” [Rook]
⚖️ Weight: 106 kg / 234 lbs [King] | 99 kg / 218 lbs [Rook]
🩸 Blood Type: O [King] | B [Rook]
⭐ Star Sign: Leo
💪 Abilities: Strength [King] | Precision marksmanship [Rook]
🎨 Hobbies: VR gaming [King] | Urban photography [Rook]
❤️ Likes: Secret crush [King] | Eliot (husband) [Rook]

Born in the neon-lit labyrinth of New Eden, twins Rook and King carve their mark as enforcers in the gritty underworld of the city. Despite being among the rare few without enhancements, the brothers are not to be trifled with. King, standing tall with a robust frame, possesses almost superhuman strength. Meanwhile, Rook, slightly shorter but agile, specializes in precision marksmanship, turning every bullet into a calculated strike.

Rook is happily married to Eliot, a fellow technophile with a penchant for creating virtual reality art. Their shared passion for cutting-edge technology and immersive experiences solidifies their bond. On the other hand, King, the single-hearted romantic, harbors a secret crush on a mysterious figure he’s encountered during his nocturnal patrols.

In their downtime, King channels his strength into gaming simulators. Conversely, Rook finds solace in urban photography, capturing the stark beauty of New Eden’s dystopian landscape.

Because of their unenhanced status, they are constant targets of the Silver Serpents.

As enforcers, Rook and King navigate the cybernetic underworld with a symbiotic dance of strength and precision. Their allegiance to each other and their unspoken understanding form the cornerstone of their partnership. Whether in the virtual or physical realm, the brothers, unenhanced but extraordinary, complement each other, leaving an indelible mark on the chaotic tapestry of New Eden.

King’s muscles tensed beneath the weighted protective vest as he barreled through the dimly lit alley, chasing shadows. Rook, a few steps behind, fired off precision shots with his sleek, grey pistol. The scent of gunpowder lingered in the air as the echoes of gunfire reverberated off the graffiti-covered walls and into the crowded street beyond. The green-clad attackers dodged around a corner just as Rook’s bullets whizzed by, lodging harmlessly in the wall just past them.

“You missed? Are you losing your edge?” King taunted. “Just wait until your husband hears about this. Maybe you’ll finally have to get that cyberoptic upgrade just to stay employed.”

Rook rolled his eyes and plunged ahead of his older twin. “Eliot doesn’t care what happens at work as long as I come home alive and in tact. Plus, I’m shooting to disable, not to wound or kill, which is much harder than you would think.” His voice was calm and steady, a feat considering the distance they had covered on foot chasing their assailants. A discordant symphony of sirens and distant shouts filled the background, but the brothers filtered all that out. Years of training had taught their ears to instinctively know what was relevant and what was just noise.

Just then, shots rang out. King’s voice cut through the chaos. “Rook, two o’clock!” King pivoted, his massive frame shielding Rook as bullets whizzed past, two lodging directly in King’s vest. He winced, but adrenaline helped him shake it off. It would bruise, but bruised was better than dead.

Thank God for these bulletproof suits, King thought to himself. He wasn’t a particularly religious man, but the recent promotion they had gotten – along with the upgraded armor – sure made their jobs easier.

A flicker of gratitude passed between the brothers, an unspoken acknowledgment of the dance they had perfected over the years. In moments like this, the night belonged to them, even without the cybernetic enhancements that adorned virtually all in New Eden’s underworld.

King’s fists clenched, and with a primal roar, he lunged at their assailants, sending them sprawling like discarded game pieces, but they showed no signs of slowing down. Rook was right – shooting to kill was easy, but a quick scan of their pain-dampeners told them that nothing short of amputation would slow these thugs down.

However, King’s trail of destruction left just enough of an opening for Rook to fire off a few well-placed neural rounds at their attackers. He targeted their neural links – the tech interface that ran outside the body along the spine and controlled most of their cybernetics. When the neural rounds hit, as he knew they would, a quick flash of bluish light followed by slumped bodies told him that the bullets had hit home, discharging their electricity and frying their neural links. Though the attackers were not harmed in any way, the sudden crash to unenhanced reality would likely be more than their bodies could take.

King turned to Rook and gave him a quick fist bump. “Mission accomplished, little bro.”

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