Kenji Himura Coelho, the Bright Shadow

📍 Hometown: Tokyo-3 (birthplace), New Eden (current)
🎂 Age: 31
📏 Height: 173 cm / 5’8″
⚖️ Weight: 73 kg / 162 lbs
🩸 Blood Type: B
⭐ Star Sign: Libra
🌐 Affiliation: Sombra da Meia-Noite
🔧 Cybernetic Ability: Neural Interface Augmentation
❤️ Relationship: Playboy

In the neon-lit streets of New Eden, Kenji Himura Coelho strides as a beacon of sophistication and style. Known to the world as a charismatic playboy, Kenji’s affable demeanor and flamboyant charm conceal the darker shadows of his lineage. 

As the half-brother of the enigmatic leader of the Sombra da Meia-Noite, Kenji is no mere socialite but is also a shrewd manipulator, deftly utilizing his family ties to further the syndicate’s covert agendas.

Despite his seemingly carefree public persona, Kenji is his half-brother’s sole confidante and executor of his will, skillfully achieving the syndicate’s objectives while subtly advancing his own interests. 

Kenji’s personal life is as enigmatic as his designs. A shameless flirt, he effortlessly leaves a trail of broken hearts and intrigued whispers in his wake. His penchant for the extravagant is matched only by his ability to stay one step ahead of those who seek to unveil the secrets he guards so carefully.

Beyond the clandestine dealings, Kenji’s heart beats for the vibrant pulse of fashion. Renowned as a trendsetter, his designs effortlessly captivate the elite with avant-garde creations that reflect both his cultural roots and the cyberpunk zeitgeist.

In the arenas of power, Kenji stands as a shadowy puppeteer orchestrating the dance between the syndicate’s covert machinations and his own hidden motives. All the while, his half-brother’s legacy casts a long, mysterious shadow over his every move.

In the heart of Tokyo-3’s bustling nightlife, Kenji Himura Coelho moved through the throngs of people with the brilliance of the sun and the grace of a shadow. Though the streets were packed, he never made contact with another person unless he wanted to. People had a way of naturally moving aside to allow him through, even if they didn’t know who he was. Granted, the number of people in that group was vanishingly small.

He didn’t find himself back in Tokyo-3 that often these days, partly by design and partly by circumstance. His half-brother’s power extended far, even all the way here, but it didn’t afford him the same influence or protection as he had in New Eden. That and it brought up too many memories he would rather forget.

Tonight, he found himself at The Neon Lotus, a hotspot where the avant-garde mingled with the elite. Kenji circled the bar, regarding the evening’s clientele with an appraising eye. Though few met his standards – physically or stylistically – it never hurt to look. One stranger in particular caught his eye, though not due to a handsome face or intriguing garb. On the contrary, her body was cloaked in something rather drab and uninspiring, yet something told him that she was the one he had come here to meet.

He sauntered his way past the security gate to the VIP area, no need to hurry and make himself appear eager, but not before giving a few winks to a gaggle of fans held back by the enforcers. The stranger raised an eyebrow at his approach, unimpressed by Kenji’s reputation.

“Kenji Himura Coelho, isn’t it?” the stranger remarked, taking a sip from her drink.

Kenji flashed a charming smile. She wasn’t his type, but charm worked on most people. “Guilty as charged. And you are?”

“Just someone unimpressed by titles, family legacies, and pretty faces,” the stranger replied.

Kenji chuckled and dropped the smile. No need to waste his time with flattery. “Tell me, then. What brings you to this corner of paradise?”

The stranger leaned in, her voice a hushed whisper over the pulsating beats. “I’ve heard whispers of shadows in broad daylight, dancing in the neon glow. A metaphor, perhaps, for the secrets you and your half-brother guard so carefully.”

Kenji’s eyes narrowed. “You’re well-informed. But be careful, my friend. Some shadows bite.” He smiled again, but the previous warmth was gone, replaced by cold fangs.

The stranger returned the smile. “I’m not one to shy away from shadows or their secrets.”

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