Magami, the Demon-marked

📍 Residence: Wastelands of Kurogawa
🎂 Age: 30
📏 Height: 185 cm / 6’1”
⚖️ Weight: 82 kg / 181 lbs
🩸 Blood Type: AB
⭐ Star Sign: Rabbit

In the desolate wastelands of Kurogawa, where shadows dance with the whispers of the wind, Magami’s story began. Abandoned as an infant by those who feared the mark of the demon branded upon his skin, he was left to the mercy of the wild. Yet, fate intervened, and he was found by a pack of wolves, led by the wise and fierce Yoru and her loyal companion, Kiba.

Raised amidst the howls of the night and the secrets of the forest, Magami learned the ways of the wilderness from his lupine family. They taught him to hunt, to read the signs of nature, and to survive in the unforgiving landscape that had become his home. 

But as he grew, so too did the ember of vengeance burning within him. Haunted by the memories of his abandonment, Magami turned his gaze towards the distant villages that dotted the horizon. He became a shadow in the night, a phantom of vengeance stalking the fringes of civilization.

Each encounter with the settlements brought him closer to the truth he sought, yet it also deepened the rift between him and the world of men. His presence struck fear into the hearts of those who crossed his path, and tales of the demon-born wanderer spread like wildfire through the land.

And so, Magami roams the wilderness, a solitary figure caught between the darkness of his past and the uncertain promise of the future. With every step, he seeks the answers that elude him, driven by a primal instinct to uncover the mysteries of his origins and the fate that awaits him beyond the shadows of Kurogawa.

All text and images © 2024 by NAM Almeida. All rights reserved.

In the eerie stillness of the Kurogawa night, Magami’s breath hung like mist in the air, his senses keen to the slightest disturbance. The howl of a distant wolf echoed through the darkness, a mournful cry that stirred memories long buried.

As he crept through the underbrush, the village loomed before him, its silhouette a stark contrast against the moonlit sky. Mori, a young wolf who had only recently begun to hunt, padded softly beside him. 

They drew closer to the village gates, but doubt gnawed at the edges of his resolve. He had only been an infant when he was cast out into the wastes. Was this really the place? He closed his eyes and tried to smell, searching back in his more primordial memories, trying to surface anything familiar. 

The night whispered its secrets, but the answers remained elusive, lost in the labyrinth of shadows that surrounded him. 

All he could smell was stink – the stench of human. Human and… something else. Mori whined quietly and nudged Magami gently in the elbow and looked just to their right. He knew instantly what it was – he had identified it by smell. It was a wolf, dead, rotting. Its limbs were broken and splayed out in unnatural directions, its neck twisted, its guts ripped open.

Magami snarled, a low, deep, visceral growl. His heart pounded in his chest, a primal rhythm that echoed the drumbeat of his destiny, but his resolve burned bright, fueled by the flames of vengeance that danced in his eyes.

They will pay, he thought, his mind consumed by thoughts of retribution. For the sins of the past and for the sins of the present, they will pay.

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