Month: July 2019

  • Canto III

    [23 July 2019] Let us go to a time When the night sky rolls out before us like an unfurled scroll I read line by line, Buttressed by earth beneath us, enshrined by the maiden above us With long, dark hair; The city noises and the cab drivers down by High Street and Clark Have…

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  • Zero, or Mary Magdalene

    [22 July 2019] The sound of wandering footsteps, the footsteps of children, the place of rain outside of time’s swift blows (passing without thought between one thing and the next, unsuspended, untransacted, asking nothing but that it might become something like itself) – the red of your lips and your blood and the gate against…

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  • Abstraction II

    [12 July 2019] Nothing can ever be just itself. We stretch, we long, we crave to reach that point just beyond ourselves, that point just out of reach, the point of almost discovery, where the ivy clings to the moonlight and your brown stone walls and the plum blossoms in your hands.

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  • Abstraction

    [11 July 2019] Longing, the sea, and, at the final moment – touch

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  • A conversation

    [10 July 2019] Remember when you told me that life cannot be made out of ideals? It was summer. Sweat glistened on your brow but your skin was cool. You said that life must be lived on the ground, in the dust, in the dirt; that life can never be more than it is right…

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  • Veronica Giuliani

    [9 July 2019] hot winds off desert sands cool in cathedral shade vineyards and canals and hopscotch sheep graze in fields queen kneels before her throne once more

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  • Trellis [a character sketch]

    [8 July 2019] He sits there, on the park bench overlooking the lake. His legs swing back and forth, absentmindedly, not quite touching the ground. It’s summer. The lake water and the sweat and the dew and the water in the air mingle back and forth, exchanging themselves with one another, condensing on empty bottles…

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  • The Rock of Horeb

    I thought that there was time to do the things I needed to do. I thought I needed time to do the things I needed to do. I thought I needed to do time. I thought I needed to do the things time needed to do. I thought there was needed to do. I thought…

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  • Untitled

    [22 May 2019] A bell in the steeple;A toll over the city.

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  • Untitled song for summer twilights

    [3 July 2019] The last rays of the sun sink below the horizon – shadow steals in, gently;sight and song and swept up in a grander vision, lingering looks lovingly lavished long to spring forward, to find themselves caught in the chrysalid chorus of two beating hearts. — This post was reblogged atBy the Mighty…

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