Month: September 2019

  • Sumire / The first of autumn

    The first of autumn A flower Violet bloom in the crack in the wall My breath clouds white and fades away — This post was reblogged at Time’s Scythe with William Borix

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  • Reflection on the Light I Saw from Your Room This Morning

    [27 September 2019] Refracting, it bends, goes Forth, goes itself, passing Between window pane and wine Glass and the leaves of the aspen tree Outside your room. It filters White and green and yellow and gold. It settles in the hollows, in the quiet Places, the dewdrops at dawn. It callsForth their inner natures, filling…

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  • The Outwarding of the Inwardnesses

    [26 September 2019] Gears ground to a halt, rods newly rusted, twisting, bending, maybe breaking, maybe shearing, maybe sharing too much for what little we know, maybe pushing too much, too hard, too soon, falling victim to the endless entropy and disintegration of desire or loneliness or not wanting to be alone at some point…

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  • A string

    [25 September 2019] A string of thoughts and words and intentions and ideas and desires and longings and feelings and fears and wonderings and musings and histories and futures and presents and knowings and seeings and unknowings and unseeings and beings and nonbeings and dreams and ghosts and phantoms and icons and fragments and sights…

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  • Pensées

    [24 September 2019] Hung between twin peaks of desire and despair, a duality of being, a philosophy of kinds, mismatched mannerisms and minutiae and mosaic tiles cobbled together to fashion something (what, I don’t know – I’d step back to gain perspective but I’m afraid I’d lose my balance): the salt water of the river…

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  • Autumn

    [9 July 2019] Autumn and the taste of apple crisp lingers on the tongue long after the sun has set

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  • Penelope

    [19 September 2019] A juxtaposition of fate, binary stars pulled too close or spun out of orbit, a memorial to the concept that time is anything but eternal. The sand from my shore washes up on yours, building bridges through shared solitude, carving a path through atemporality towards something distinctly ours: regret.

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  • Rhapsodie: On water

    [18 September 2019] You lean back – warm water and cold air and strong shoulders and the east Atlantic. Time must work that way, too – a long string of desires and fears and letters waiting to be sent. They stack up like old books or coffee cups, building a blockade between sense and longing,…

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  • I have seen you

    [17 September 2019] I have already seen you, painted large on the canvas in my mind, seen your skin imprinted with bedsheet roadmaps and stubble pinprick constellations. I kiss the back of your neck and the fog rolls in through the open bedroom window, swirling around the sheer curtains and spilling onto the duvet and…

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  • The Journeyer

    [16 September 2019] If you came, Walking the roads you’ve walked, From the place you’ve come, To the place where you’re going, Would you see the hills and the trees and the bushes Dotted white with snow or snow, Like the end of January or the beginning of spring? If you came at midday, Would…

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