[19 September 2019]

A juxtaposition of fate, binary
stars pulled too close or spun
out of orbit, a memorial
to the concept that time is anything
but eternal. The sand from my shore washes
up on yours, building bridges through
shared solitude, carving a path through
atemporality towards something
distinctly ours: regret.

3 responses to “Penelope”

  1. orkidedatter avatar

    You have a way with words that I completely love🎶🌹🎶
    I hope you are well❤️

    1. Nathan AM Smith avatar

      Thank you! I am and I hope you are as well. I keep thinking about our poem and how we’ll have to write another one someday!

      1. orkidedatter avatar

        We absolutely have to do that one day, I deeply appreciate you🌹
        I am ok, working on my book… get a lots of guidance from my publisher about social networks and stuff…
        It is exiting and I learn much.
        I wish you a lovely weekend.

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