Canto III

[23 July 2019]

Let us go to a time
When the night sky rolls out before us like an unfurled scroll
I read line by line,
Buttressed by earth beneath us, enshrined by the maiden above us
With long, dark hair;
The city noises and the cab drivers down by High Street and Clark
Have gone down to bed together and won’t stir till dawn,
High priest of the twilight summer haze.

A time will come when you will look to your left, and I will be there,
And you will look to your right, and I will be there, too:
It is then that we will see and know,
Perhaps for the first time,
The space between this and that,
Between one thing and another,
Between me and you and us,
And you and I will breathe as one
When the pale moon shines bright in one last shout of triumph
And the stars gleam white across the deepness
Like a tent caught in the wind
And chased down by a child with a kite.

11 responses to “Canto III”

  1. Kate's Bookshelf avatar

    Oh, yes! This is magic. And summer, and Paris, and…. perfection (pardon the paris reference, because that one is something I can’t explain.)

    1. Nathan AM Smith avatar

      Thank you!!!! I really appreciate it! And I am all about the Paris reference hahaha! You can never have too much Paris!!! 😀

  2. NZain avatar


  3. Shantanu Baruah avatar

    Beautifully crafted

    1. Nathan AM Smith avatar
      1. Shantanu Baruah avatar

        My absolute pleasure

  4. kristianw84 avatar

    This is so magical & beautiful & moving!! I am so taken with your poetry!! <3

    1. Nathan AM Smith avatar

      Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

      1. kristianw84 avatar

        You’re so welcome!!

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