A Lover’s Quarrel

[20 May 2019]

We sat outside one summer’s night,
You said to me, “Should a time come
When I am no longer me or
If I no longer aim to be
The man I aim to be but, from
Some nefarious impulse for
Self-destruction, find myself quite
Stuck or pining or lost in some
Man’s bedroom somewhere or next door,
Don’t give me up without a fight.”

You leaned back in your chair, your eyes
So earnest and your voice so full
Of that rare presence of mind known
As sobriety that my heart
Almost warmed up to your woeful
Words. “You expect me to disown
You just because a day may start
When you are not you – otherwise
The dividends due to our own
Selves may go unpaid?” At the start,
You sat there silent; then, a sigh;
You stood and walked into the night.

10 responses to “A Lover’s Quarrel”

  1. kristianw84 avatar

    You have a way with words! Wonderfully written!!

    1. Nathan AM Smith avatar

      Thank you very much!! 🙂

  2. nakedinfiniverse avatar

    This is a rare treat – a new poem that I want to read over and over again.

    1. Nathan AM Smith avatar

      Well thank you so much! That is very kind of you. I had a good time writing it and I’m glad it touched you. I really enjoy your site as well. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again!

  3. N.Z. Robotewske avatar

    “my heart 
Almost warmed up to your woeful 
Words.” Wow. Powerful.

  4. orkidedatter avatar

    Wow, to me- this was deep, some of your words blew me away…
    You are so talented. Thank you for sharing🦋
    I am so lucky to be one of your readers.
    I look forward to your next written words.
    Enjoy your day.

    1. Nathan AM Smith avatar

      Thank you so much!! I feel lucky to have you as one of my readers! Your comments always brighten my day! 🙂

      1. orkidedatter avatar

        Thank you, you always make me smile and honored🦋
        I am a lucky girl who have you as a reader too, thank you.
        Enjoy your day.

        1. Nathan AM Smith avatar

          You have the best day!

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