Tuesday Night [a character sketch]

[6 June 2019]

We wander down to the wharf,
empty street, empty water, empty bags in hand,
and ponder there a little while,
like a woman on the birthing table,
watching the sun set over the water and fade into the land:
anaesthetised, but expectant.
You smile,
and your eyes dim.
The sea-salt spray washes in, washes away, fills to the brim.
We take it in, you and I, in silence, except for when you mumble something about work.
I tuned you out twenty years ago but have perfected the art
of seeming interested.
It doesn’t fool you but you almost appreciate the effort. I almost care.
You stoop down and grab some trash out of the sand: a label,
a bottle of wine, unopened, and an empty bottle and a pile
of plastic forks and knives. If you were able,
I don’t think you’d stop with just the beachfront.
You hand me the wine –
Merlot, Bordeaux, ’89 –
a good batch, and the empty bottle and say, “dig in,” as if it were left there just for us. Maybe it was.
And so that night, amidst the broken glass and the brack and the brine,
we built a shrine to us,
and all the while the evening closes in and the night nuzzles up next to us,
between us,
holding us, enfolding us, embalming us,
making us into something entirely without a soul
but that can withstand all the ages of time.

17 responses to “Tuesday Night [a character sketch]”

  1. orkidedatter avatar

    Is it possible for Orkidedatter / Lillian to get a role once in your sketches?
    How awesome that had been🦋
    I love your words, always.
    Take care.

    1. Nathan AM Smith avatar

      Ooooh! Do you mean do a collaborative post? Or do you mean I should write one about you??

      1. orkidedatter avatar

        wow .. well, more meant as a joke, because you write so very well❤️
        Thank you… I am honored from deept in my heart that you think that way.

      2. orkidedatter avatar

        I must apologize that I made you believe I wanted you to write about me, I am sorry. I’m so shy so I don’t dare ask about such things.

        1. Nathan AM Smith avatar

          Awwww you’re so sweet! No need to apologise! If you ever want to, just let me know! 🙂

          1. orkidedatter avatar

            Wow… you are too kind. Seriously? I feel honored.
            Well, I am ready when you are🦋
            Make you a great weekend…

          2. Nathan AM Smith avatar

            Let’s do it soon then!

          3. orkidedatter avatar

            Ofcourse we can do it. It will be an honor.
            Thank you.
            Meanwhile, I’ve started tonight painting to your favorite quote ..
            Take care.

          4. Nathan AM Smith avatar

            Ok!!! I think that would be so fun!! Send me an email from my contact page and we can talk about it??

            And wow!!! I’m so excited to see it!! You are so talented!! I bet it’s going to be so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

          5. orkidedatter avatar

            Wow… Ok, Nathan, I will send you an email soon, and we can talk about it.
            You are so kind and nice.
            You fill my heart with so much joy and I deeply appreciate your support always and that you always give me feedback on my art. It is means more to me than you can imagine.
            Thank you.
            I hope you make you a great weekend.

          6. Nathan AM Smith avatar

            Your encouragement always lifts my spirits!

          7. orkidedatter avatar

            That was quite a compliment❤️thank you. You touch my soul.

          8. Nathan AM Smith avatar

            Thank you thank you thank you 🙂

          9. orkidedatter avatar

            You always kindly welcome…
            I hope you are well😊
            And my art is almost done…

  2. amenhigh avatar

    I love how raw and honest the story is. Thank you for sharing!
    My favoirte lines are
    -washes in, washes away, fills to the brim…
    -and all the while the evening closes in and the night nuzzles up next to us, between us…

    1. Nathan AM Smith avatar

      Thank you so much. I enjoyed those lines as well and I’m glad you did. Isn’t it interesting how the time of day can be so evocative?
      Thank you so much for stopping by!

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