Thoughts, Unremembered, Unsorted, n.d.

[16 October 2019]

Don’t let me forget. Don’t let me tell
the truth slant. Don’t let me say it
was anything other than it was: a

seismic shift, a cavalcade of kinds,
a mingling of mind and
body and soul in the dawn of self-


I watch the ivy climb up the side of the brown brick house on the corner where I liked to watch the sun set. Every year, the ivy climbs up the walls. Every year, it gets beaten down by wind or weather or an over-eager property manager. Every year, it climbs back up, as fresh and alive as the year before.

Don’t laugh at me. I see you
laughing at me. It’s there
in the corner of your eyes. I
see it. Don’t tell me it’s not
there. Why are you laughing
at me? What did I do? I don’t

I heard a story once about two people who died for love. It’s probably not that uncommon of a story. Is it? What would I do for love? What would I do to be in love?

If I say it was a lie, will you learn
to forgive me? Take stock of
where you are and where I
am and where I am in relation
to you. Dusk creeps in around
and among and between us.
One and one looking to
be loved. Seeing myself
in his eyes. Hearing myself in
his voice. Finding myself in his

2 responses to “Thoughts, Unremembered, Unsorted, n.d.”

  1. kristianw84 avatar

    Beautiful, my friend! So beautiful!! <3

    1. Nathan AM Smith avatar

      Thank you thank you!!!!

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