[3 February 2020]

Fall safe with me,
Fall fast,
Fall free,
Fall neatly spaced in two white lines

The weight of this and that and now is
greater than it is ever was or ever
could be. If only I could take the time to
know it in its certainty.

Some day I’ll find you,
underneath the oak or the
ash or the old yew tree.

I heard you,
willow whisp
pillow kiss
heart stop clean in two white lines

3 responses to “Distraction”

  1. Kate's Bookshelf avatar

    Hello there you beautiful poem.

  2. Sylvester Van-Johnson avatar

    Beautiful read. I like your flexible style of writing. It flows so sweetly.

  3. tara caribou avatar

    “Fall neatly spaced in two white lines” I loved this line the very best. But the wistful yearning…. oohhh… ~sigh~

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