Eli Hunter, the Cyber Maverick

📍 Hometown: Neon City
🎂 Age: 25
📏 Height: 168 cm / 5’6”
⚖️ Weight: 76 kg / 167 lbs
🩸 Blood Type: A
♐ Star Sign: Sagittarius
💻 Abilities: Hacking, VR game development
🎨 Hobbies: Holographic art, urban exploration
🌐 Affiliation: Unaligned
❤️ Boyfriend: Adrián Yñigo Elkano (Cipher?)

In the neon-lit labyrinth of New Eden, Eli Hunter emerges as a virtual reality game developer and a clandestine hacker with a story woven into the very fabric of New Eden’s existence.

Eli accidentally discovers a hidden rebellion against the oppressive forces ruling New Eden. What begins as a digital thrill escalates into a gritty reality, with Eli navigating a city engulfed in turmoil.

Cipher, the enigmatic figure guiding this rebellion, leads Eli on step by dangerous step. As their paths intertwine, Eli grapples with conflicting emotions, suspecting that Cipher might actually be his boyfriend, Adrián.

Eli’s artistic prowess takes center stage, transcending holographic canvases to become a weapon in the cybernetic revolution. In the dystopian landscape of New Eden, loyalty, justice, and love become intertwined threads, weaving Eli’s destiny and shaping the fate of the entire city.

Join Eli in this thrilling cyberpunk saga, where every choice echoes through the neon-soaked corridors of New Eden. Explore the convergence of art and rebellion as reality and virtuality collide in a city teetering on the edge of chaos.

“You shouldn’t be here any longer, Eli Hunter.”

Eli blinked in confusion as the words flashed across his vision, covering the quaint medieval town with frightening red lettering. If the townspeople noticed, however, they gave no sign.

However, he had experienced this enough times now to know what was going on. He was being hacked. The only question was – who was he being hacked by?

“Cipher? Is that you? Show yourself for once!” Eli fought hard to keep cool, speaking under his breath to not draw any unnecessary attention to himself. You never knew who might be listening in.

“You can’t see me, but I can see you,” the words read, burning their way deep into his brain.

Eli rolled his eyes. Big talk. “Prove it.”

Without hesitation, the words flooded into his field of vision. “Black socks, white boxers, grey T-shirt. Adrian is lying next to you also playing VR, and your Chinese takeout is still on the table. Has he been working out? His arms are so firm.”

“Get your hands off him,” Eli muttered, cold chills coursing through his body. Enraged and terrified, Eli tried to log out of the game. With the VR module integrated into his optical sensor, there was no need for a headset – simply wishing the simulation to end was all it took for shut off the program. Or at least that’s how it was supposed to work. He knew it wouldn’t work this time.

Whoever this was, it was not Cipher. This person was in the room with Adrian and Eli, and they were trapped. Eli had a bad feeling about what was coming next.

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