Poison Byte, the Virtual Venom

📍 Place of birth: New Eden
🎂 Age: 29
📏 Height: 180 cm / 5’11”
⚖️ Weight: 84 kg / 185 lbs
🩸 Blood Type: A
♒ Star Sign: Aquarius
💪 Abilities: Toxicology, cyberwarfare
🎷 Hobbies: Playing jazz
❤  Likes: Marcus Sky

In the dystopian sprawl of New Eden, Poison Byte emerges as a vigilante on a vengeful quest. Once Adrian Stirling, he transformed into Poison Byte after his boyfriend, Marcus Sky, fell victim to the sinister machinations of NeuroCorps, a malevolent tech conglomerate reigning over the city.

Armed with lethal expertise in cyber warfare and toxicology, Poison Byte targets NeuroCorps’ encrypted servers, exposing a web of corruption involving high-ranking officials. The city trembles at the mention of his name as he spreads digital toxins, not only crippling oppressive forces but also serving as a manifesto against the guilty parties. Rumor has it he has even found a way to spread physical poison through the digital realm.

Whispers of Poison Byte’s vendetta echo, drawing attention from both the oppressed and corrupt. Encrypted messages hint at his next move, sparking a perilous dance with The Silver Serpents, the augmented police force, and hired mercenaries.

Poison Byte fights not just for justice but for the memory of his lost love. As the lone warrior challenging the oppressive forces, he symbolizes rebellion, cutting through the corrupted heart of New Eden in a relentless battle for truth and vengeance.

His secret identity, known only to a few, connects him to a clandestine network of rebels. A chessboard of alliances and betrayals unfolds as he navigates the shadows, driven by the haunting memories of Marcus and fueled by the desire to dismantle NeuroCorps’ oppressive reign.

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