Long, the Dragon God

📍 Hometown: The spirit realm
🎂 Age: Appears early 20s
📏 Height: Appears 180 cm / 5’11”
⚖️ Weight: Appears 75 kg / 165 lbs
🩸 Blood Type: N/A
⭐ Star Sign: Pisces
🐉 Abilities: Dragon conjuring
📚 Hobbies: Sky-gazing, playing tricks on mortals
❤️ Crush: Silas

Long, with the appearance of a vibrant young man, conceals a secret as ancient as the stars themselves. In the mystical realm of Zephyra, he is not just a dragon conjuror; he is the living embodiment of the first dragon, a celestial being endowed with the power to command dragons.

Long’s tale stretches back to the dawn of creation when the first dragon emerged from the cosmic energies that birthed the universe. The dragon’s essence intertwined with the mortal world, and Long, the human manifestation, was born.

Endowed with the wisdom of centuries and the youthful vigor of eternal life, Long’s existence was marked by a dual nature — the lively spirit of youth and the weighty gravitas of ancient knowledge. He wandered through epochs, witnessing the rise and fall of civilizations, always maintaining the delicate balance between his dual identities, always keeping his true nature a secret.

The fateful encounter with Silas, the serpent conjurer, marked a turning point in Long’s timeless journey. Through a random twist of fate, they embarked on a quest that transcended the boundaries of time and magic. Together, they faced challenges that tested the very fabric of their existence, encountered mystical beings, and explored the secrets hidden within the ancient landscapes of Zephyra.

“Good morning!” Long said to no-one in particular as he woke up. He briefly debated going back to sleep, but decided against it. He knew he shouldn’t take naps – the people need a reliable dragon god, after all – but sometimes he just couldn’t help it. Sky-gazing turned into daydreaming which turned into actual dreaming. So instead, he stretched, yawned, and rolled over as Hulong and Shilong, two of his favorites, flew up beside him, nuzzling him until he was fully awake.

He laughed and stretched himself out, feeling the warm, soft breeze play over his body until his eye fell on a curious wooden structure in front of him. He stared at it for a long while, trying to the events that preceded his slumber.

The memories are hazy, he mused, but I seem to recall something about a conversation, then a sword, then a flash, and then… Suddenly, it all came back to him.

“Shilong, was this rickety, old shack when I started my nap, or did I oversleep again?” Long’s eyes laughed in amusement; he already knew the answer, and the question needed no asking.

He stood up and brushed himself off, sneezing as untold centuries of dust spilled off of him and billowed through the room.

Technically, with the right knowledge or equipment, it wasn’t impossible to kill a god, but that didn’t stop people from trying; whoever had attacked Long all those years ago must’ve gotten quite close to achieving his goal.

Long smiled to himself as he exited the creaky shack. He always loved it when this happened. So much was bound to have changed in the human world. He couldn’t wait to find out what new wonders humanity held for him.

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