Tatsuhiro, the Spirit of Destruction

📍 Realm: Yomi-no-kuni
🎂 Age: Timeless, but appears to be 20
📏 Height: Ethereal essence, but typically appears as 175 cm / 5’9″
⚖️ Weight: Ethereal essence, but typically appears as 85 kg / 187 lbs
🩸 Blood Type: Not applicable
⭐ Star Signs: Not applicable
🔥 Abilities: Fire manipulation, oni summoning
❤️ Likes: Unknown

In the sacred realms of Yomi-no-kuni, Tatsuhiro exists as an ethereal manifestation, an embodiment of unwavering loyalty to Kagutsuchi, the deity of fire and agent of destruction.

Tatsuhiro is not merely a spirit; he is the living essence of Kagutsuchi’s will. Tasked with enforcing the divine mandates of fire and creation, his form shimmers with the elemental brilliance of Kagutsuchi’s sacred flames, a visual hymn to the deity he serves.. Whether in the flickering glow of a sacred flame or the destructive dance of a roaring blaze, Tatsuhiro is the silent executor of Kagutsuchi’s divine intentions.

The crackling embers danced in rhythm with Tatsuhiro’s contemplative gaze. His ethereal form barely discernible amid the flickering flames burning in the bronze brazier. The sacred grove echoed with the distant sounds of unseen spirits, looking upon Tatsuhiro with suspicion, curiosity, and apprehension.

“This realm teeters on the brink,” he said, his words crackling like fire and lingering like smoke in the air. “Far too long has it thrived in this time of peace. That time has come to its close.”

Tatushiro began to chant, a strange chant pregnant with forgotten power, an arcane, elemental power from a time long forgotten. The fire closed in upon itself, drawing the shadows closer. Even the trees seems to hold their breath. Suddenly, a gust stirred the embers, bursting the embers into raw and glorious life, casting shadows that danced upon the ancient trees. Fire blazed, and grass and leaves and branches curled back from the sudden heat. Amid the flickering light, Tatsuhiro’s eyes gleamed with an otherworldly intensity.

Fiery creatures emerged from the spectral flames, their forms twisting and contorting with each step. Tatsuhiro, the silent conductor of this arcane orchestra, directed them with a mere gesture.

“Go forth, my emissaries. The Will demands destruction,” he commanded, his voice echoing through the grove.

The spirits, their eyes ablaze with infernal fire, spilled from the brazier and flew forth at Tatsuhiro’s command, setting the grove ablaze. The screams of the forest spirits lingered long past the destruction of the charred shells of the trees and plants they once called their home. Tatsuhiro watched on and, satisfied, smiled and faded into the unseen, the remnants of divine fire lingering in the air like an unanswered question.

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