Jasno & Czarn, the Warring Mages

📍 Hometown: Luminów [Jasno] | Czarn – Umbrasz [Czarn]
🎂 Ages: 32 [Jasno] | 34 [Czarn]
📏 Height: 183 cm / 6’0” [Jasno] | 185 cm / 6’1″ [Czarn]
⚖️ Weight: 86 kg / 190 lbs [Jasno] | 84 kg / 185 lbs [Czarn]
🩸 Blood Types: A [Jasno] | B [Czarn]
⭐ Star Signs: Aries [Jasno] | Scorpio [Czarn]
🌌 Abilities: Light Mage [Jasno] | Shadow Mage [Czarn]
❤️ Relationship: Passionate rivals

In the mystical realm of Osruń, Jasno and Czarn arise as sages of peace, but as mercenaries entangled in the ruthless dance of warring clans. Their destinies, intertwined on the battlefield, weave a tale of passion and conflict that defies the boundaries of loyalty and duty.

Jasno, with his golden locks and piercing emerald eyes, represents the Luminów clan, known for their mastery over radiant energies. Little did he know that amidst the chaos, he would encounter Czarn, a shadow mage from the rival Umbrasz clan.

Czarn emerged from the darkness like a phantom. His shadowy arts were a force to be reckoned with, and his clashes with Jasno became legendary. Despite their opposing loyalties, the intensity of their encounters fuels a different kind of fire.

As the battle cries echo through Osruń, Jasno and Czarn grapple with the complexities of their love. Loyalties are tested, alliances shattered, yet the magnetic pull between them persists. In the heart of conflict, they dance a dangerous dance—one that defies the conventions of war and love.

Explore the tumultuous saga of Jasno and Czarn in the war-scarred landscapes of Osruń, where passion and conflict converge in a tale of mercenary sages bound by a love that refuses to be extinguished.

The battlefield stretched before Jasno like a canvas painted with the chaotic hues of war, and he felt his heart sing with every stroke. He did not enjoy war, no, but he was good at it, and he did enjoy victory. Today, as usual, it seemed the Luminów would be victorious.

Amidst the clash of swords and the burst of magic, he spotted a figure in the distance. It was almost impossible to spot him at first – to tell the truth, Jasno initially spotted him by his absence rather than his presence. The only thing that gave him away was the bodies that seems to follow in his nearly-invisible wake.

He turned to his father, Shask, tilting his eyebrow in the direction of the man. His father nodded. Czarn.

Czarn, the elusive shadow mage from Umbrasz. Jasno’s emerald eyes narrowed as he focused on the approaching silhouette. His reputation proceeded him, and he certainly lived up to it, at least at first glance. Czarn moved like a phantom through the chaos of battle, weaving back and forth, never seeming to leave the shadows even when stepping into the light.

The radiant energies that enveloped Jasno seemed to flicker as a mixture of emotions surged within him. It wasn’t fear, no. It was something more unexpected. Admiration? Certainly. Curiosity? Maybe. Interest? He started to consider possibility when Shask, perhaps sensing the inner turbulence, looked at him with a steely-eyed stare.

“There you are,” Jasno muttered under his breath, forcibly pushing away whatever thoughts had been worming their way into his mind. It didn’t matter. Czarn would soon be dead. Failure here was not an option.

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