Ash & Ember, the Neon Flames

📍 Hometown: New Haven [Ash] | New Haven [Ember]
🎂 Ages: 28 [Ash] | 30 [Ember]
📏 Height: 5’6″ [Ash] | 5’10” [Ember]
⚖️ Weight: 68 kg / 150 lbs [Ash] | 75 kg / 165 lbs [Ember]
🩸 Blood Types: AB [Ash] | O [Ember]
⭐ Star Signs: Scorpio [Ash] | Aquarius [Ember]
🌌 Abilities: Data theft, dancing [Ash] | Brain-hacking, DJ-ing [Ember]
❤️ Relationship: Partners in business, crime, and love

Meet Ash and Ember, owners of the underground bar The Neon Flames, located right in the heart of New Eden’s red light district. In addition to owning and running the bar, Ash keeps the clientele happy dancing to Ember’s beats. However, beneath the surface, we find two sophisticated criminals who always manage to stay just out of the spotlight and one step ahead of the Enforcers.

Born in New Haven, Ash and Ember always dreamed of doing more with their lives than putting on concerts for high school proms. This boredom drove them into the underworld. When a big break comes their way (paired with a run-in with the law), the two pack their bags and make for the big city of New Eden. Between their looks and their skills, they had no trouble quickly ingratiating themselves with their two main audiences: people looking for a good time and the criminal underground. 

Occupational synergy defines their existence, a perfect fusion of Ash’s data manipulation and Ember’s cybernetic mastery. Their talents complement each other like cogs in the Syndicate’s clandestine machine.

Beyond the hustle, Ash embraces virtual reality graffiti, leaving digital murals across the city as advertisements for their bar or as calling cards for their crimes. Their connection, a blend of shared dreams and tech-driven passion, illuminates the dark corners of the cyberpunk underworld.

Ash weaved his way through the neon-lit crowd, looking for his mark. He had gotten good over the years, very good, but he never lost the thrill of being on the hunt. He scanned the throng of bodies lost in the bright, pulsing beats of Ember’s set, looking, searching.

And suddenly there he was – a slightly greying man in his early 50s sitting at the bar in a sleek suit that did little to hide the cybertech armour underneath. Inovatta. Ash rolled his eyes. Either this man was truly something else or he was a pathetic wannabe. Most likely the latter. Either way, being able to afford a suit like that meant something, and that’s all that mattered tonight.

Ash slid onto the barstool next to him, a playful smirk playing on his lips as he caught the stranger’s eye. “Enjoying the show?” he purred, voice blending with the rhythm of the music.

The man turned and looked Ash up and down, eyes narrowing slightly, but the hint of a smile appeared. He liked what he saw. Most did. “More than I expected. Your DJ’s got talent.”

“That’s Ember for you,” Ash replied, casting a subtle glance towards the DJ booth where Ember nodded in acknowledgment. “Mind if I join you?” Ember took the hint and began manipulating the sound. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, the bright beats began to run deeper and darker.

The stranger gestured to the empty stool, and Ash settled in, donning that look of world-weariness and naïveté that men of his type seemed to find irresistible.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you here before,” the man said. “What brings you here?”

“I guess you could say I’m a regular,” Ash responded. “It’s a good place for all sorts of things.”

“I know of a few things I’d like to try with you,” the man said. Ash had to hold himself back from laughing at the man’s insipid attempt at flirtation, but he knew Ember’s power at work when he saw it. The glassy eyes of the man said everything. He was already under Ember’s spell – the music he was mixing had already wormed his way into the man’s brain. He would have hazy memories at best of this night before it was all over, and any recollection he had of Ash would almost certainly be wiped clean, even if he were storing his memory on an external server.

Ash grinned and he leaned in closer towards his prey. He loved his job.

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